What is a Fictician?

a. A writer of fiction.
b. A liar and a cheat.
c. A factician, 90 degrees from reality.
d. A worthwhile entertainment source.
e. A tower-repair technician called into a thunderstorm.
1. A writer of fiction.
2. A professional liar with a chilling streak of honesty.
3. Related to a fictioneer, but possessing none of the romantic leanings, but with more technical skill. Less pretension than a writeur.
f. A professional liar with a chilling streak of honesty.
g. Related to a fictioneer, but possessing none of the romantic leanings, but with more technical skill. Less pretension than a writeur.
h. A rejection of outside standards and a creation of the novel.
i. The easy way to learn HOW TO BE A WRITER. Because clearly you can't find out anywhere else.


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